A little bit of me

Hi there

If you have stumbled across this blog, I honestly don’t know how you got here. But if your curiosity is just a little bit provoked, why don’t you stay awhile? Of course. You first want to know why you should stay.

Well, I guess I could tell you one or two things that may be interesting to you. I could give you a sneak-peak at some of the things I blog about. I could say something incredibly inspirational that may or may not cause you to pause awhile.

BUT I will not do any of these things. Rather, let me tell you a bit about who I am, and why I would like you to stay.

Firstly, I am no one particularly special. That’s right. I am an average woman of 21 years old, with medium length hair, an average body weight, a medium-low voice and a mediocre confidence level. I have never done anything that the world would consider great. I have not done anything that the world would consider evil. I do not possess great wealth, excellent social skills or a gym membership. BUT, I am a lady of the highest order.

“A lady?” You must be thinking, “What is so fantastic about that?”

Well, my dear fellow human, a “lady” is what I have been “called” to be. It is a title I enjoy, and need to try on for size every day in order to keep from becoming just another female earthling rolling in the dust. Perhaps, more than a lady though…I am a woman.

A plain and simple woman.

I have nothing extraordinary to tell (although you may enjoy reading the many adventures I have had), nothing fantastically scandalous to convey, and nothing remotely insane to keep you on your toes.

But I have this one thing that I feel is important:

I am a woman with all the thoughts, emotions, feelings and questions of any other woman. I am sometimes soft (as a lady should be), but I am sometimes firm. Sometimes I am elegant and sometimes I laugh too loudly. Sometimes I glide and sometimes I fall.

TEACUPS AND COMBAT BOOTS – this describes who I am. I am sweet, classy and proper – a lady. But underneath my pretty dresses, I wear combat boots – a woman prepared for anything.

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